Reset Sitecore Admin Password

June 3, 2012

Forgot your Sitecore Admin password? Well there is a quick and easy way to reset your password to the default ‘b’ password. First part of the solution:

  1. Find your Admin user in your Core database that you set up.

  2. Go to the [aspnet_Users] table and find your admin user’s UserId. We will cross-reference this value when actually changing the password.

  3. Go to the [aspnet_Membership] table. You can either search for your user using the UserId you just found, or you can execute this query to update the Sitecore Admin password:

UPDATE [Your Core Database].[dbo].[aspnet_Membership] 
SET Password = '8dC23rEIsvuttG3Np1L4hJmJAOA=', PasswordSalt = 'joeLPwcwMq6L7kyuVfVS7g=='
WHERE UserId = 'the UserId value you found in step 2'
And that is it! your done. Try to login with username Admin, password b. Good luck.

Tags: Sitecore,SQL

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